MaMA will take in charge or provide:

> A minimum fee for each artist / musician as payment (work contract) w/ 15€ as a buy-out

> Regular sound and lights + basic shared backline (bass & guitar amp, standard drum kit, DJ kit)

> A professional technical assistance (sound, light and stage)

> Artists’ promotion: MaMA will communicate on artists / bands through its communication tools

> Journalists and media attendance to the Festival

> Various tools for the company presenting the artist / band to get in touch with participants, on top of BtoB meetings organised during MaMA.

> No fee will be asked to the company presenting artist


Costs left with the company.ies presenting the artist / band

> Travel

> Accommodations (hotel, internal transportation, meals…) – but we can provide a logistic assistance

> Artist’s / band’s technical staff

> Specific technical requests and additional backline


Specific conditions in case and at the time of artist / band’s confirmation to play at MaMA Festival 2019:

> Exclusivity: without MaMA’s written consent, the artist can not perform any other show in Paris and its region from the end of August to the beginning of December 2019.

For a show scheduled after MaMA Fest. in this period of time and area, MaMA’s consent isn’t required except and only to the extent that the show isn’t announced before the artist’s / band’s performance at MaMA Fest. However, MaMA should be aware of it.

> It is agreed and understood that the artist / band will have to share the stage with other artists / bands, playing different genres of music and coming from different countries. Thus, the eventuality to play on a shared backline provided by MaMA is also agreed.