MaMA Festival & Convention

PARIS / Pigalle – Montmartre

innovative festival

As well as conferences and workshops showcasing innovative solutions, MaMA will extend the MaMA Invent experience throughout the festival. Whether its during a live show or a specific evening event, the general public and music industry professionals will be able to try out for themselves new innovative tools, services and applications. Follow the « Innovative festival » path!

Apollo Noir & Thomas Pons “(Un)related to God”

Apollo Noir (music) and Tho-mas Pons (illustrator) started their collaboration with a video clip dedicated to the song “(Un)related to God” which is at the origin the title of the se-cond track of Apollo Noir’s 2nd LP album Chaos ID.From these first exchanges between music, cinema and illus-tration a true creative symbio-sis is born with a desire to ex-press this collaboration as an evolving stage.
Experience & exhibition – Protean and adaptable stage project (live stage,augmented reality exhibition, phy-sical and digital edition object),(Un)related to God is a creative ping pong whose universe evolves throughrepresentations. It tells the sto-ry of God through the repetitive move-ments of small characters drawn in blacksilhouette. Artists SHAPE platform &Creative Europe.Accompanied by Electroni [k], Super,Stereolux, Station Mir, Région Bretagne, laureates #TalentsAdami art & technology 2020.

Apollo Noir & Thomas Pons on Wednesday Oct. 13 @La Machine du Moulin Rouge


UNICA is DeLaurentis’ artistic concept, a masterpiece that sheds light on the best that technology has to offer: a collaboration with AI. For two years, DeLaurentis nourished an intimate relationship with her machines, to a certain mystical point helping her give birth to her digital sibling: UNICA. On stage, she catches the audience and drags it into her fantasy world where her « sister » comes to life on a large screen right behind the producer. Using computers and 3D images, DeLaurentis projects those images in real time, synchronized with her music. A part of DeLaurentis’s debut album, UNICA, was created in Spotify’s lab in collaboration with an AI. From DeLaurentis’s chords & melody, the AI generated harmonies and textural sounds that the artist brought back into the production. A marvelous journey supervised by the digital pioneer Benoit Carré known as SKUGGE. In 2021 her live show will host UNICA’s robot, specially created by Pascal Molina, the greatest French FX supervisor. The idealistic symbiosis between a woman and her machine.

DeLaurentis on Friday Oct 15. @La Boule Noire

Kety Fusco

Switzerland-based Kety Fusco has developed a unique sound through the vision of a new harp, searching for non-traditional sounds you would never expect to hear from a harp. She works with Delta electric harps from Salvi Harps, who have chosen Kety as their official ambassador. Kety Fusco’s harp and technology exploration started with her successful debut album DAZED (Universal distribution) described by Swiss critics as “a rare breed”. With DAZED, Kety indeed chose not to follow the tradition of harpists who discover the harp through classic reverbs and loops: she forges a new artistic identity for the harp basing her sound system, for example, with sounds of a vinyl scratched on metal strings, some objects hit on the soundboard of the pre-sampled classical harp, and analog effects manipulated live. Kety Fusco has more than 80 concerts all over Europe, and is working on the world’s first library of non-traditional harp sounds.

Kety Fusco on Friday Oct. 15 @Théâtre de Dix Heures

Abraham Fogg

The audiovisual duo “Abraham Fogg” immerses you on the mythical island of “Blåkulla”, where the Devil invites the Witches to celebrate Sabat. The spectator is drawn into this wild and frightening world, guided by a young woman with disturbing powers and charms. The performance – in the form of a digital pagan ceremony – brings together a set of innovative tools. The images were shot in real settings or studio and use mixed technologies, including in post-production. From the digital manipulation of images, like artificial intelligence tools for the realization of morphing and transformation effects, to slowmotion and extreme macro shots, from digital collages to “fpv” drone for aerial stunts, the duo uses the latest technologies to provide an immersive experience. The artists control live synchronized devices that allows them to manipulate images and sounds. The scenography is composed of led mapping, projection and retro-projections on smoke. The music is a mix of analog and granular synthesis, recorded cello ensembes, 60’s spring reverbs, digital effects, and sound-design in multi-diffusion (4.1). Around the theme of witchcraft, and in homage to the 1922 film “Häxan”, the duo works in black and white, around carefully composed “painting” shots, always giving priority to the narrative. A general approach that is part of the current movement of “retro-innovation” through the use of new technologies and a modern visual vocabulary drawing on ancient culture and codes to open up new creative fields.

Abraham Fogg on Friday Oct. 15 @Théâtre de Dix Heures

Lucie Antunes

Lucie Antunes champions human-lead dance music that creates a sensory experience on a discovery for new sonic material, mixing acoustic notes, salvaged items and electronic sounds. Inspired by Steve Reich’s repetitive music, melodic flows intertwine to create subtle, repetitive meanderings. This musical universe plays with the fine line between live music and electronic music, in response to a bespoke visual creation made by Collectif Scale. Their futuristic installation permeates the musicians, with neon robotic arms controlled in real time that move and react to the rhythm of the live music.

Lucie Antunes on Friday Oct. 15 @La Cigale