MaMA Festival & Convention

PARIS / Pigalle – Montmartre

The YES Group Seminar is back at MaMA

Yourope members include 80 of the most well-established european festivals. Yourope is dedicated to improve the European festival scene in terms of: working conditions, health and safety issues, environmental awareness, exchange of knowledge and information, promoting the cross-border exchange of live music talent. For the second time, Yourope will lead the YES (Yourope Event Safety) Group Seminar during MaMA Festival & Convention on the 16th and 17th of October.

The YES Group European Health & Safety Seminar is a dynamic forum for health, safety, security and crowd management professionals. The seminar provides an opportunity to raise important issues and to disseminate innovative practice, focusing on the development of a safety culture at both new and established events and festivals.

Free of charge for Yourope members – Specific registration required
For non-Yourope members: 75€ – Specific registration required.


📣 Contact for registration: Hayley Rogers: