MaMA Festival & Convention

PARIS / Pigalle – Montmartre

Discover Someone’s exhibition at Les Trois Baudets, throughout the 3 days

Someone is the multi-disciplinary artist Tessa Rose Jackson, who celebrates and
explores creativity in all its different forms.
For her new five track EP ORBIT, Someone has created an Augmented Reality
Exhibition that allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in her cosmic music and art.
For each of her songs, she designed an artwork that reflects the meaning behind the
lyrics using abstract shapes and forms. These artworks spring to life when viewed
through a smart-device using her free “Someone presents: ORBIT” app, and even respond to your movements and touch!

Visitors are free to explore the artworks, moving Someone’s abstract elements around on their screen or tapping and swiping to make them move, multiply or change colour. The works also allow for a deeper connection with the songs as you can read along with the lyrics that appear in mid-air around the frame of each work.
Visitors are advised to bring headphones for the full, immersive experience!

Come see Someone live @MaMa Festival!
Someone will play with her live band on the 16th of October, 19.30 in Le Carmen.